The Perceived Limitations Of The Niche Market

Published: 29th July 2008
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I have seen companies before that push aside the notion of having a niche market. After all, a niche market by default is going to be smaller than the audience they would be capable of targeting if they went for a broader field.

Let us say you sell computer software. The majority of people in this country have a computer these days. That means the majority of people in this country are going to need computer software. Let us get more specific.

Say you sell database software. Well, once again most companies are going to need to form databases to keep track of their information. Also, many people use database software in everyday life to keep track of finances and other things like that. This means if you have poster printing made you can use it to advertise to pretty much everyone, because everyone might need your software, right?

Well, what image appeals to everyone? What word choice appeals to everyone? Where could you put up those posters so that everyone would see them?

If you have the answers to that then I think you have solved a riddle every marketer has been attempting to figure out since the beginning of advertising. The fact is there is no perfect image, language, or location to put up advertising that will work for everyone. That relates to poster printing, brochures, radio commercials, TV commercials, and so on.

Why do you think TV commercials only advertise during certain programs: because that is when their target audience is watching.

Focusing on a niche market allows you to have more of an emphasis in your marketing on a specific image that will appeal more to one group. Sure, many businesses might use database software, but if you take one particular market you will have a much higher rate of success in selling it to them because you will be able to take specific examples from their market and say, "This is why you need our software."

Take the education system. If your focus is on schools, tell them that you know they have all those students and faculty members they need to organize information about and your database software will help them do just that.

You would not have as many people to advertise to, but you are advertising will be direct and to the point and have a greater chance of success.

A niche market is not about limiting your options but about increasing your odds for success. The more focused an advertisement is on a certain market the better the chances are that its message will be heard and appreciated by the right people.

You simply cannot target everyone. This is not only an incredibly costly venture, but will be met with lack luster results. But if you focus on your niche, you will find your marketing budget going a lot further.

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