Color Business Cards And Their Meaning

Published: 02nd February 2009
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One of the major aspects in business card printing is the color of the cards. Color business cards provide a way to customize your business card with your own personal look. For certain, business card printing companies are ready to print custom business cards with every color of the rainbow. A client is always right, so if you want to print business cards with your favorite color like electric pink, then why not?

Of course keep in mind that colors have their meanings. So your color business cards will not only give your pertinent details to someone, they will also display your personality and image. It is important to know how colors are perceived by people and how this will affect their perception of you. To help you choose a color for your business card, below is a list of the common colors of business cards and their perceived meanings. Choose well and choose wisely.

Standard White
First of course, we have the standard white. Almost everybody uses white business cards. If you are just starting out in business card printing then white is probably the safest choice. A white business card is of course universally accepted, and all kinds of designs and images work with white. It is basically a blank canvass to work on really. Of course, be aware that since white is the standard color; it tends to be the most boring and mundane. Almost everybody has a white business card, how will you stand out?

Elegant Black
Black is well, interesting. As the saying goes, you can pair any color with black. Since it contrasts almost any kind of color, a black business card definitely stands out in the sea of white and colored business cards. Black is a nice solid color to use and a lot of business card printing companies are equipped to print them. Add that with contrasting silver or gold lettering and you have a nice and elegant color business card.

The Red Card
The red business card is of course something eye catching. If a woman in a red dress speaks of a subtle beauty and passion, then that is how a red business card operates. Of course not everyone can pull off a red business card. It depends on your personality and of course your industry. But there is no question of the impact of a red business card. It turns eyes and roller decks.

Subdued colors
On the general side of color business cards, subdued and light colors are the best way to use color business cards without straying too much from a safe white business card. The subtle hint of color adds some personality to a business card and it doesn't risk an intense reaction like a red or black business card. Of course, subdued and light colors still have a few qualities that are like standard white business cards. Unfortunately they can also run into the same pitfalls.

Bright Colors
Brighter and fuller colors of course offer the complete impact of your chosen favorite color. Using these kinds of colors makes your business card more personal and it gives its own unique impact. A pink or neon green business card for example may gain looks. However this may also run the risk of looking too unprofessional. The safest way to use full bright colors is to only use one color at the most. If you use more color combinations, it might look cute, but it will also look more informal. This if course depends on your industry. If you are into a more casual line of work it may be fine, but for corporate types this might be frowned upon.

So have you chosen a color? Achieve a balance between your personality and your business environment and you should have the correct business card color to choose from. Be as eye catching and as decent looking as possible with color business cards.

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