Choosing The Right Kind Of Poster Making Software

Published: 13th January 2009
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So you have decided to invest in color poster printing for your project or business but do not know what software to use? The software you use to make and print posters affect the quality of your design, as well as the length of the design process. The better the software is at image manipulation, the harder it is to master. If you are a novice, it is probably better to work with simple, easy to use software like office applications. If you are a master digital artist, then high powered color poster printing and design software will be your paintbrush in a digital canvass. To help you choose the right kind of color poster printing software perfect for your skills, we have classified the commonly available applications in use today for you to choose from. Hopefully, one type should best fit your purposes.

First we have Office Suite Applications. These applications are a standard for any kind of computer at the home or office. They are the most easily available software for you to you use to make your custom poster. This collection of applications includes the most popular office suite, Microsoft Office, as well as its open source cousin Open Office. Usually the word processing applications and the presentation software in these suites are the ones used for poster design. Their ability to handle text, images and the document background make them a nice simple platform to use for poster design. Microsoft Word, or Open Office Writer are examples of word processors while PowerPoint and Impress are examples for presentation software.

For any novice, word processors and presentation software are easy enough to handle. With some handy wizards and an easily understandable help feature you can create a simple yet effective custom poster within a few minutes. Of course these may lack the subtlety and ability of more professional graphic design applications, but it is enough for most purposes. So if you are a newbie, it is best to start here.

A step above the ladder is the simple image editing application. These set of software include common tools like Microsoft's Paint or OpenOffice's Draw. These simple programs let you create shapes, add different colors, type text and change some picture properties. If you have a great imagination, a careful mouse hand and are somewhat a master of office applications than these tools will be perfect for you to design your print posters. They are powerful enough for some fancy shapes and effects, but still simple enough that any average person should readily understand how to use it. With this in your hand, you will be able to produce better full color posters in different file types that can be easily printed.

Lastly, we have the true graphics design software. These are best for people who have the time to really learn how to use them. They have a variety of finely crafted drawing tools, filters, color settings, layer effects and other features that really can paint what an artist's imagination has in his mind. Also, they have a lot of import and export features that let you work with a variety of file types commonly encountered in graphic design. If you really want full control of your color poster printing design, and have the skills to back it up then you should really choose professional graphic design software. Common and popular examples of software in this level are Adobe Photoshop and Corel. For free and open source software, GIMP is a good choice.

So? Have you decided on the right kind of software? For newbies, you should just stick to office suites. For more imaginative types, simple image tools should be fine. For maestros of digital art, a professional graphic design application is a must. Choose the right software perfect for your skills and you will be maximizing your design potential and efficiency.

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